Capturing Photography

Hey everyone! Hope your day is going as well as mine is, and you were the early bird who “caught the worm” this morning! My name Maggie and I am here to bring to you a wonderful eye opening blog about a couple different lessons in Photography! I am currently a 21 year old student studying Photography and Multimedia. I only hope to reach out and show others my visions through my lens, as well as my studied knowledge on the topics. For all of you out there who are “photo guru’s” this one is for you. As always having an eye for moments I would love to capture (as I’m sure you do as well) I love taking the time and moments to make a photo that much better. Yes, just about anyone can take a photo  (even your grandmother) but it is how you capture that photo that separates you from… say, your grandmother.  When capturing a photo it’s all about lighting, great focus, and proper exposure. In these next couple weeks I hope to bring some more understanding of what it really means to capture a moment in time!


Photo by: Paxson Woelber