4 Key Components for Beginning Photographers

Photography is an always changing and transforming field, but these 4 key components are sure to stick with you through out your photographic life. The main things to always remember are; lighting, shutter speed, exposure, and depth of field. Lighting for instance is what will make your whole photo, whether it be studio “hot lights” or natural lighting from the sun. Lighting and exposure go hand in hand to show a photo properly exposed with no over exaggeration. The shutter speed will be how fast the camera is taking the photo, per seconds. (ex- 1/1000 of a second) The depth of field will then show you which type of emotions/figures you would like portrayed. For example; if you would like to take a photo with a wide angle lens, the more millimeters you zoom in the more you can bring the image to the for front. These are just a few of the first couple key components for beginning photographers to become successful! 🙂


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